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Which additional services can „Meals on Wheels“, a service pro...


Contest description

VIVATIS-Group, together with LIMAK Austrian Business School, is looking for new, innovative ideas for their program “Meals on Wheels”, a service provided by their subsidiary GMS GOURMET GmbH. The contest aims to generate ideas that allow elderly people to lead a self-determined and an enjoyable life as long as possible in their own homes. In detail, ideas are needed in the two following categories: 

1) Ecosystem "Meals on Wheels"

Here, we are focusing on the redevelopment of the whole process on how “Meals on Wheels” can take care of elderly people. Every step of the process -from placing the order over cleaning the dishes to the waste disposal - should be as simple as possible for the seniors. The solutions should be all about supporting the elderly people in their everyday life instead of showing them what they are not able to do anymore. At the same time, a simple and ludic system should help the relatives and caretakers to monitor the eating habits of the seniors.

2) Marketing Strategy

We invite the participants to create a new marketing concept for „Meals on Wheels“ and to accompany the long-standing brand into a new era. Therefore, we are looking for ideas, what the elements “packaging design”, “communication channels”, “distribution channels” and “logistics” can look like, in order to make the product more attractive for seniors and their families. The aim of „Meals on Wheels“ is to take care of our elderly citizens in the best way and to be the supplier of choice in this matter.

The possibility of contribution is quite open:  

  • Which additional services should “Meals on Wheels” provide?
  • How can the current services be improved allowing our seniors to live a self-determined life as long as possible at their homes?
  • Which customer needs are addressed?
  • How should “Meals on Wheels” communicate and what should their brand presence look like to target existing and potential customers?
  • What can the packaging look like? In which ways can daily food (refrigerated /deep-frozen) be delivered to the home of our seniors?

More detailed information to the offering of „Meals on wheels“ and their process can be found under background information.

What are we looking for?

The focus is on your ideas about how to successfully develop “Meals on Wheels”. The following aspects need to considered:  

  • Consumer Insight: Which consumer needs are answered by the idea?
  • Concept: How would you describe your idea? What does it look like? (Ideally, it is supported by scribbles, drawings, illustrations, 3D renderings or sketches.)
  • USP /product advantage: What differentiates your idea from existing products on the market?

Ideas and concepts can be handed in in the following formats:
  • Concept description (e.g. innovative marketing-, product-, packaging-, positioning-, sales-concept, new Business model, etc.)
  • Picture / graphic with a short explanation and motivation of the idea

Terms and Conditions

We are looking forward to your proposals for new product- and marketing ideas as well as inspiring innovations for „Meals on Wheels“.

The submissions can include visuals, descriptions and videos. The more detailed your concept, the higher your chances of winning.
In addition, the following specifications can be uploaded:
  • Entire concepts (e.g. innovative marketing-, product-, packaging-, positioning-, sales-concept, new Business model, etc.)
  • Pictures, videos, graphics
Please be aware of the accepted file types before uploading your images and files.

Requirements for participation at the contest

Everybody, who is interested in the VIVATIS Innovation Contest, can submit their ideas. The only requirement is a registration.

The requirements for winning the scholarships (MBA Programm Innovation and Product Management and IN.TENSIVE Certificate Courses Innovation and Product Management) at LIMAK AUSTRIAN Business School are: An academic degree and a minimum of three years of professional experience or a qualification through business experience that is similar to an academic degree. In addition, a successful interview is required. These will be hold at a hearing in Linz (Austria)!
As the programs of further education (MBA-program and IN.TENSIVE certificate course) are mainly in German language, the applicants have to speak German. If necessary the applicants will be asked for further information.    

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation of the ideas and the allocation/awarding of the winners will be carried out by the Jury. Those are their key-criteria for evaluating the ideas:
  • Market attractiveness: How big is the market potential of the idea?
  • Degree of innovation: How innovative is the idea compared to the existing offering?
  • Feasibility: How easily can the idea be implemented?
  • Presentation of the idea: Overall quality of the idea and its presentation

Registered users have the opportunity to comment on the submitted concepts by using above mentioned criteria and share their opinion.

The Selection Process

The ideas can be submitted on the platform In order to do this, you have to register and upload your idea.

The selection and evaluation of the ideas, as well as the determination of the winners is being carried out solely by the jury in a two-stage program.

  1. Step: All submitted ideas get evaluated.
  2. Step: Top-applicants (with promising ideas) get invited to a face-to-face hearing in Linz (Austria), where they have about 10-15 minutes to give a detailed presentation of their idea.

Important dates

Contest start19th Jan 2016
End of contest (duration: 6 weeks)15th Mar 2016
Selection of top candidates and information about the hearing date April 2016
Hearing of the top candidates in Linz (Austria)10th May 2016
Start IN.TENSIVE Innovation and Product Management26th Oct 2016
Start MBA Innovation and Product Management22nd Mar 2017